2021 Integrated Report

A snapshot

of our 2021 performance



MUR 401M




MUR 295M


MUR 14.6BN








Dear shareholders, 2021 proved to be a challenging and remarkable sequel to 2020. Against this backdrop, Currimjee Group pursued its upward trajectory, as evidenced by our financial results and the achievement of major strategic objectives and milestones. I share this with no lesser regard for the pandemic’s profound impacts on the economy, on entire communities and livelihoods.

"Giving back
... to those in need is part of who we are at CJ. We all made contributions to the Currimjee Covid-19 Relief Fund to help impacted colleagues and families in a time of great distress. Realising our purpose We always remember why we started and never lose sight of where we want to go."

Pascal Fleur
Manager – Currimjee Foundation

Currimjee Jeewanjee and Company Limited
"Adapting quickly
... to new customer needs requires creative thinking and flexibility. We empower our teams to explore innovative approaches that delight the customer and deliver a great experience."

Harshud Ashok Geega - Senior Commercial Manager and
Yashveer Chummun - Manager Metric and Customer Experience

Batimex Limited
"Moving into
... a new role and taking on a new challenge, without having to change jobs or companies, is an incredible opportunity. In a way, it has made me more agile and put me in the driver’s seat of my own development and growth.

Zahraa Nuckcheddy
Manager - Financial Planning and Analysis

Emtel Limited
"Innovating at
... Emtel isn’t just about technology. It’s a mindset. We innovate with purpose to make life easier. blink does just that. Payments are made simple so you can spend less time in queues, and more time on meaningful things."

Atul Bhatia (Head of PMO and Customer Experience) and
Veekash Aukhojee (Chief Information Officer - Telecom)

Emtel Limited
"Continuous improvement
... is in MC Vision’s DNA. We gradually roll out new features and bring in exciting channels and content on myCANAL to make sure our subscribers have the best available entertainment and a second-to-none viewing experience."

Preetam Ramphul - Manager Technical Services and
Nundita Nundlall - Communication Manager

MC Vision Ltd
"By regenerating
... Les Arcades Currimjee, a building of great historical significance, we hope to make it a shared place for the community and, in a way, revive the soul of Curepipe."

Deva Darmalingum
Senior Development Manager

Currimjee Property Management & Development Limited
"Embracing technology
... has been a game-changer in the way we work and collaborate. It has ignited new conversations, exposed new possibilities and strengthened our team spirit."

Vikas Khanna - Chief Information Officer, Emtel Limited
Hema Ramlochun - Head of IT Corporate, Currimjee Jeewanjee and Company Limited,
Anousha Mahadea Sathan - General Manager, Currimjee Informatics Limited
and Veekash Aukhojee - Chief Information Officer - Telecom, Emtel Ltd
"By connecting
... with inspiring entrepreneurs who are committed to addressing complex social issues, Trampoline seeks to create new spheres of impact towards a more equitable and prosperous society."

Sophie Ganachaud - Lead Executive
Trampoline Ltée

A word from our
Managing Director

“Having time to reflect on the past year, I feel pride above all else. Even under the circumstances, we were quick to reassess our business models and strategies, aknowledge where we fall short and undertake bold measures unconstrained by the past or by established practices.”

Delivering on

our strategy

Our operating environment, cluster performance, outlook and strategies

The Group performs annual strategic reviews to assess the relevance of our strategy against an extremely volatile operating environment, and whether our priorities address both nearterm realities and future trends. This exercise confirmed that our strategic pillars remain more relevant and timely than ever.

Our environment, sustainability journey and CSR strategy

As a family-owned business, the notion of sustainability is embedded in the founding principles of Currimjee Group. All our actions and decisions are made keeping our future generations in mind. This perspective has guided us on a journey to balance our performance against our legacy, and maintain an equilibrium between doing the right thing for our business, the planet...